Christmas hairstyles for 2016

If you can’t decide what hairstyle you will wear at 2016 christmas party. In this post, I will show you stylish hairstyles ideas that you can wear at New Year’s Eve. We’re starting with pretty red ribbon hairstyle accessory.

1)Hairstyle with red ribbon

Doesn’t matter what is your hairstyle, you will shine with stylish and simple hair accessories. If you like to use hair accessories, you should go for it. For example, simple and red ribbon can be perfect choice for christmas night. Hair accessories are the best way to add remarkable look to simple hairstyle.You can create simple and modern look at the same time with this idea.

Such a pretty style. Isn’t it?

2) Messy Bun

If you like to use bun hairstyle for christmas party, you should go for messy bun hairstyle. You can also decorate your hair with diamond hairpins. Messy bun hairstyles looks stylish with diamond hair pins.

messy bun hairstyle diamond accessory

If you want to see more messy bun hairstyle ideas , you should see our messy bun hairstyles 

3)Braided Crown Hairstyle

This is my favorite hairstyle for christmas. Braided crown hairstyle! If your hair is long , you should go for braided crown hairstyle for christmas! If you don’t want to look simple , you can use some hair accessories.

You can also use stylish colored fake flowers instead of diamond accessories

4) Wavy hairstyles

If you want look create elegant and simple look at the same time. Wavy hairstyles are just for you! It’s also best way to add voluminous look to your hair.

With hair foam or hair spray you can easily style your wavy hair. With these products your hair will look voluminous all night long.

5) Ponytail 

Ponytail is my last hairstyle suggestion for New Year’s Eve. If you have long hair length and want to create feminine look , you absolutely go for ponytail hairstyle. Here are some stylish ponytail ideas that i found for New Year’s Eve.

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