What is the best way to grow your short hair to medium

If you’re bored of your short haircut and want to grow your hair faster. Maybe you realized the short haircut isn’t for you or you get bad haircut.Whatever the reason, here are some tips for grow hair faster.

Go to the hairdresser often
The biggest mistake made by women who want to grow hair, is waiting for grow. When you wait for your hair grow, Your hairstyle and hair shape will distorted. You should go to your hairdresser for maintain your hairstyle.


You should keep your hair ends trimmed.Otherwise your hair will fray or split.You should get cutting your hair regularly (small amounts),Thus your hair don’t break and your hair will be thicker and healthier.

Hair Accessories
If you like to use hair accessories,you must be careful.Because bobby pins and clipping may damage your hair.I recommend you to use headbands.Headbands are very stylish and good option for hair grow

Keep your hair wet
You should keep your hair moisturized because your hair needs moisture and protein to grow.If you do this process, you hair will grow more faster and healthy. There are many shampoos and hair conditioners that will help you to keep your hair healthy.I recommend to use this products to grow hair faster.

You should take biotin for your hair.When you take biotin, your hair will be thicker and grows faster.It’s also beneficial for the health of your nails.

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