2016 hair color trends

Today, i’ll share gorgeous and amazing hair color ideas for new 2016 season. So, if you’re planning to change your look or your hair color in the coming days, you should see these great 2016 hair color ideas.Especially metallic hair colors, ash blonde hair colors and gray hair colors are very popular in recent years. But these hair colors will be more fashionable in 2016. So in this post i will share with you these 2016 hair colors and i will inform you about 2016 metalic hair color trends.

2016 Metallic hair colors

Firstly i want to start with metallic hair colors. Metallic hair colors are very popular and it looks gorgeous at the same time. Candy unicorn is one of the best metallic hair colors and it is the most popular metallic hair color last season.This hair color was created by Geely Gregory. He created a new color palette inspired by the Unicorn. You can check 2 great Candy Unicorn hair color ideas below.

Now , i want to show you some great 2016 metallic hair color ideas , you can find photos below

Ash blonde hair color

Ash blonde hair colors are my favorite. It looks very natural and stylish at the same time. And it also adds youthful look on you. Ash blonde hair color must be suitable with your skin tone. This is very important point of choosing the hair color. It is very easy to maintain the tone of your hair color.You don’t need too much maintenance for your hair. I think this hair colors are very advantageous because of that. Now i want to show you some great ash blonde hair colors and tones. You shouldn’t miss that because there are many great ash blonde color tones
Ash blonde hair color

Gray Hair color ideas

Gray hair colors are very trendy in 2016 and gray hair colors are very stylish for young women = ) If you have pretty face this hair color is just for you. It also looks great with green or blue eyes. So if you have green/blue eyes and pretty face at the same time, you must try gray hair color for your new look. Now let’s check these great gray hairstyles that i found for you!

2016 gray hair color

I hope you liked my 2016 hair color ideas , Don’t forget to share your favorite pictures on pinterest!

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