Braid hairstyles for long hair – 20 Stylish Braid Hairstyles

If you are blessed with longer and healthier hair, you are open to style the hair with various impressive options. Braid styling is an all-time favorite hairstyling option among the stylish ladies. This styling gives an appearance that looks high-fashioned yet classy. This article shall narrate four braid hairstyles for longer hair.

Fish tail Braid- a classic styling for the long hairs
Fish tail Braid hair
Fishtail Braid is an all-time favorite hairstyle for the fashionable ladies and longer in the length of the hair, the better it looks in this styling. The best part about this styling is that it takes the minimal time and effort to be raised. Once raised, you can maintain the styling easily and be assured that you would get a look that would be highly appreciable.

Waterfall braid- an impressive braid styling for long hair
If you are blessed with the longer and healthier hair, the waterfall braid can be the perfect pick for the prom events. This styling is a candid improvisation on the classic French Braid styling and it resembles the look of the waterfalls and hence the name. Though the styling looks intricate, it takes minimal time to arrange the hair with this styling and you can be assured to look the styling diva once the styling gets raised.

Braided ponytail – a perfect styling to attract attention
Braided ponytail hairstyle
This hair styling basically combines the intricacy of the braid styling with the sleek approach of the ponytail. Thus, this is a styling for the long hair that can match with all sorts of dressing, may be formal or informal. The styling involves the tail part of the hair given the appearance of the braids.

Princess Braid
Princess braid hairstyle idea for long hair
The princess braid is the perfect choice for the formal and form occasions. It has the exoticness of the braid styling, but is more towards the formal appearance. It is a candid option of hair styling for women with longer and healthier hair.

Braid Hairstyles for long hair

It’s time to choose braid hairstyle! I found 20 gorgeous braid hairstyles for long hair. You can choose one of them for your new hairstyle! Here are 20 braid hairstyles below! Don’t forget to share on pinterest
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