Pros and cons of long hairstyle

Hey! Today, i will talk about pros and cons of long hairstyles. Let’s start!

Long hair pros

Styling Options of long hair length :  I would say that , There is more styling options for long hair. When you have short hair, there are really cute, funky styles but there is not too much styling options. if you want to change your hairstyle, it’s very easy with long hair length. For example,There are so many bun hairstyle ideas for long hair.

Various Buns : If you love bun hairstyles and you’re lazy to styling. This is the fastest hairstyle that you can do.  If you have bad hair day, you should try bun hairstyle for your long hair. It looks good!

Ponytail : Another advantage of long hair is ponytail. There are so many different ways to wear ponytail. It’s not as hard as it seems . You can look on youtube for ponytail tutorials. There are a lot of awesome and easy tutorials about it.

Bombshell hair : You can make big beautiful Victoria Secret Bombshell hair. I love that! But it depends of how long your hair is.

Long hair cons

Coloring : If you have really long hair and you have to dye all your hair, it gonna cost a lot of money,a lot of product and processing time. Doesn’t matter if you do yourself or going to hairdresser. it’s gonna be the same. Even if you’re not going to covering whole thing, that’s still expensive to get done.

Common Look : There are many long haired women . I’m not saying that , such a bad thing is. If you don’t want to look unique or different , that’s allright. But if you want to look unique, long hairstyle is not for you. Please don’t hate me for saying this.

Tangles, split ends, fried ends, thin ends : it doesn’t look good and really really bad. Unfortunately often encountered situation for long hair

So that is my personal list of long hair pros/cons. I hope these information will help you

Long hairstyle ideas

Now, i want to show you some long hairstyle ideas. Are you planning to wear hair extensions? Or you have time to wait for hair grow.Doesn’t matter, you should see these long hairstyles before to wear extensions!

Bombshell hair


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