Medium wavy hairstyles – 20 Medium wavy hairstyle ideas

Medium wavy hairstyles are easiest way to create charming look.You can create stylish look with adding some waves on your medium length hair.Wavy hairstyle is not just for a long hair, so if you have a medium length hair, don’t worry.If you have straight medium hair, there are variety of techniques to create waves. In this post i will show you gorgeous wavy hairstyles for medium length hair.

The most important feature of medium wavy hairstyle is suitable for any place and activity. It’s suitable with formal events and casual at the same time.Because it looks natural and stylish.

How to get wavy hair

If your hair is not naturally wavy, don’t worry. Here are easy ways to getting wavy hair.

You will need 2 things to getting wavy hair; curling iron and some texture spray. It’s very easy, because this process takes less than 10 minutes! If you’re bored of your current hairstyle, you should try this process to get waves!

  • Firstly you should wash your hair and clean.Then use hair conditioner
  • Dry your hair
  • Turn your hair with curling iron and split your hair
  • You must use heat protector spray. Otherwise, you may damage your hair
  • Then wrap your hair around the curling iron (nearly 2.5 cm)
  • When your curling iron is about 24º Celsius , wait for nearly 1 minute
  • Apply this process to all parts of your hair.
  • When you finish the process , use hair spray to all of your hair.Hair spray will help you to keep your hair shape

Important: Try to flatten the curls with your hands. That’s it! Now, it’s time to find medium hairstyle for you.

Medium wavy hairstyles

Looking for gorgeous medium wavy hairstyle ideas for your new style? If yes, you should see our wavy hairstyle ideas for medium length hair. Below you can see 20 stylish medium wavy hairstyles!
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