Pixie haircuts and 20 stylish pixie hairstyle ideas

Pixie haircut is the most eye-catching hairstyle and it’s the most popular hairstyles of last year. The biggest feature of pixie haircut is very low-maintenance is enough for caring and styling. There are many variations of pixie hairstyles.So you can always find suitable pixie haircut for yourself.

Before talking about pixie hairstyles i want to give some information about styling.

How to style pixie haircuts

You can easily style it with wax. Before styling , you should smooth your hair with dab of wax.

The most important thing that you need to know about pixie haircut is you should visit your hairdresser every 6 weeks for maintain shape

Face shapes for pixie cuts

Before to cut your hair, it’s very important to find suitable haircut for your face shape.

Pixie haircut tips for Round Faces : If your face is round, you should go for pixie haircut with asymmetric bangs. Round faces looks gorgeous with bangs.If you go for straight pixie haircut, it will keep your face more rounder

Pixie hairstyles for Oval Faces : Oval face shape is is very advantageous face type.Because all hairstyles are compatible with oval face shape. You should be creative , you are free to use different haircuts.

Pixie hairstyle ideas for long faces : if you have a long face , you should have short bob haircut. You should have wavy pixie haircut, this style will add some width and balance to your face

Pixie haircuts for square faces : Square faced ladies should have shaggy pixie haircut. Shaggy pixie cut will balance your jaw line and creates nice look.

Pixie haircuts for heart-shaped faces : Bangs are creates stylish look on hearth shaped faces. You can also have short in the back

Pixie haircuts

If you want to be trendy , pixie hairstyles are just for you! I’m sure it will be the most popular hairstyles of 2016 .  I have collected 21 stylish pixie hairstyles for you! I’m sure you’ll find a suitable hairstyle for yourself. Let’s start.

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