4 Stylish Short hairstyle ideas and styling techniques

Hey! In this post i will show you 4 stylish short hairstyle ideas. If you’re looking for styling techniques and how to’s for your short hair, my short hairstyle tutorials will help you!

Wet Short Hair styling techniques

If you’re looking for how to create wet look on your short hair (as in the picture below) You can have wet look on your short hair with 3 easy steps! Let’s start!

short hairstyling wet look

How to do wet look short hairstyle

Step 1  : Lightly dampen hair spray with water and comb back
Step 2 : Work gel evenly through hair,slick back with fingers
Step 3 : Comb back hair and smooth it down

Side part short hairstyle

side part short hairstyling

How to side part short hair
Step 1 : 
Dampen with a little spray water – Tip: Use gel for hold as in photo
Step 2 : Make a strong side part and comb smooth
Step 3 : Finish with hairspray (If you don’t use hairspray, you will lose your style of your hair)

Short wave hairstyle tutorial

short wave hairstyle

If you want to create waves on your short hair, you can have it with 3 easy steps!
Step 1: Apply gel and smooth hair down
Step 2: Comb hair forward with wide tooth comb
Step 3: Use comb to create wawe pattern and texture . You may have trouble at first, But don’t worry, you can create stylish short wave hairstyle with little practice!

Roman Holiday short hairstyle

roman holiday short hairstyle

If you want to do hairstyle as above, here is the easy steps to create Roman Holiday short hairstyle!
Step 1: You need to start with dry hair to do this hairstyle.So if your hair is wet, you must dry!
Step 2: Brush your hair Smoothly
Step 3: Use pomade into your hair
Step 4 : Shape your hair with your fingers.Finger style small peaks

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