Popular Short Haircuts

Short hair models, which are easy to use and maintain, have started to be highly preferred by women. This comfortable use has also led to trends in hair and has taken its place among the trends of hair in 2017 waiting for us. Short haircuts, especially on the shoulder, will provide you with a very popular look. Points to note when taking a short hairstyle are:
– Determination of the hair type: Short hair cuts must be made in accordance with the hair type. Short cuts which cause quite different appearances in thick and fine wire hair should not be done before the idea of ​​the hairdresser is taken. If you have thick wired and dense hair, the density of the hair should be reduced by means of the intermediate scissors in shorter models and measures against hair blistering should be taken.


Another problem most common in short hair is electrical discharge. Especially in winter, clothes such as sweaters and wool cause electricization, which causes our hair to look bad. Absolutely non-electrification products should be used and hair sprey and short hair should be fixed. You can save time by choosing short cuts that you can easily shape your hair.

– Appropriate hair length determination: Before you cut short hair, you need to determine a hair type that matches your face type. The hairstyle you want looks different on long, square and oval faces. For this reason, you should get your opinion from your hairdresser before cutting and if necessary change the haircut you want. It is in your hand to catch a trendy look quite easily with a convenient short cut.


– Use of the appropriate hair color: You can get a very trendy look especially by using the ombre, which is popular in recent years, especially on the shoulder short hair. It is possible to complete your hairline easily with your tongs. It is among the trends that make it easier to use in the rise of natural hair color. You can easily use your natural hair tone with any length of hair you want.


– Choosing the appropriate short hairstyle: You need to keep away from the cuts while determining the short hairstyle that suits you. Straight cuts and hair are among the things to be preferred in short hairstyles. It is one of the options that can be preferred if the hair is the same size or if it is slightly extended towards the front ends.

Short Haircut Ideas

Here are the short haircuts we have selected for you!


















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